Arlo’s has a very simple and straightforward goal – source the very best beef and serve it quickly and simply. Do one thing, and do it very well.

I wanted to shake up the traditional steak market. Primarily I wanted to move away from the old stalwarts of “fillet, sirloin, ribeye, rump” and to offer something excellent, though also something different. I set off to taste and test a bewildering array of steaks wherever and whenever I could find them – from farmers’ markets to supermarkets, from farm shops to butchers and from London’s Smithfield market all the way to those flagship stores paved with gold and lit with diamonds, and with prices to match.

I reached a happy (and delicious) conclusion. I found that the finest steaks – the juiciest, the most interesting, the tastiest – were often the least well known cuts, and never the most expensive. And so Arlo’s was born.

Arlo’s would focus on the “butcher’s cuts”, on those lesser known steaks that should be stars in their own right. We would shine a light on bavette, on picanha and on deckle. We would buy only the finest, highest-welfare, grass-fed British beef and we would refuse to compromise on quality or flavour. The sidekicks to our steaks would be fresh, homemade sauces and seasonal salads. And we’d cut every single chip by hand. Always.

We’re all about fresh, free-range, seasonal and homemade.

Steak is central to Arlo’s, but even steak cannot stand alone. Our sides – from chargrilled tenderstem broccoli or spiced pineapple to a classic British mac and cheese – are the ideal accompaniments and we take our salads very seriously indeed, so much so that the mighty Metro tagged us as “brilliant for vegetarians.” High praise indeed.

Being married to a French woman (the Lolo of the Lolo’s Lemon Posset) I was contractually obliged to love food and wine, and our three children immediately inspired the Little Arlo’s menu – real food for the littler people, just smaller portions. Let them eat steak!

We’re new – and we think we’re getting pretty good – but we know that we can always get better and so we’d love to hear from you. Put simply, we’re serious about steak, it’s our focus and our obsession.

Tom McNeile