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The Hangover-Over Burger

The Hangover-Over Burger

The best burger in London? The best burger in Balham? The best burger in Battersea. Well – yes, we think so.

The Hangover-Over Burger is our take on the global dominator that is the chilli burger. Running as a special at Arlo’s Balham and Arlo’s Battersea throughout November 2018 the Hangover-Over Burger is a towering beauty of umami-laden beefiness.

We believe that simplicity equals strength. At Arlo’s we are huge fans of innovation (and we think that we’re quite an innovative bunch) though our overriding requirement, our absolute hard line is that innovation is only ever acceptable if accompanied by deliciousness.  For our best ever burger we would use only the best ingredients and, as ever, we would serve them simply and without unnecessary fluff or frills.

Hamburger, cheeseburger, chilli burger, any burger – we think our Hangover-Over Burger is the best burger out there. And the name? The essence of simplicity  – and the way we felt as soon as we realised that we’d perfected the recipe.

Our bun in a 48 hour fermented organic demi-brioche. No seeds, no glaze – just a perfect burger bun. We then take one of our house burger patties – a juicy blend of bavette, chuck and dry-aged ribcap. On top of this we layer American cheese, free-range smoked streaky bacon, a fried egg (Clarence Court Burford Brown. Always), our very own homemade Burning Bear sauce and, for crisp bite and crunch, red Batavia Lettuce.

On top of the brioche bun we skewer a hot, sweet, pickled guindilla pepper from our good friends at Brindisa and, finally, as a sort of spicy cherry on the top, we close with one of our chilli-infused gummi bears – obviously – and because we think every burger needs its own little bear.

Available at all day Arlo’s Balham and Arlo’s Battersea throughout November 2018 (and maybe beyond). Hangover definitely neither required nor recommended. Please remember to #drinkaware