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At Arlo’s we have a simple and straightforward goal – to source the very best ingredients and to serve them quickly and simply.

Steak has always been a lifelong love and it was this obsession that drove me out tasting steaks wherever I could find them – from restaurants, farmers’ markets and supermarkets to butcher blocks and the sawdust of Smithfield’s dawn markets.

I very quickly reached a delicious conclusion. I found that the best steaks – the juiciest, the most interesting, the beefiest – were often the lesser known cuts and always the best value. And, on this damascene moment Arlo’s was born.

We source our great British beef exclusively from traditional grass-fed native breeds, reared slowly and selected to our exact – and exacting – requirements from farms in Yorkshire, Northern Ireland and the Scottish Highlands.

We’re also hugely proud of our vegetarian and vegan dishes and focus continually on fresh and interesting dishes from light and leafy salads to hearty roast veg, brunches and, but of course,  our famous burgers.

Being married to a French woman I’m contractually obliged to love food and wine, and our children immediately inspired our “Little Arlo’s” menu. This is not gimmicky “green eggs & ham” – it is real food for smaller appetites (and with more stickers..)

All recipes are cooked on site, fresh & homemade, every day. We cook to our own recipes with fresh ingredients and yes, we do cut every single chip by hand every day  – and we always will…

Our cocktails, from classic Martinis and Mimosas to our Burning Bear Bloody Mary or English Garden are freshly stirred and shaken alongside cold pressed juices, milkshakes, fresh fruit smoothies and our very fine coffee. Not to mention our own Arlo’s Great House Malbec, the pinnacle of perfect steak pairings..